Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1 week

I turn 30 tomorrow, will I have her then? That would be nice. I don't mind sharing a birthday.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Uh, 3 months ago until now

This was written on 4/6/09, not sure why it says February.

Yes I'm a slacker. Here is why:

I am taking 2 classes this semester. I wouldn't have put myself through it except that I would have to start paying back student loans if I drop below full time. So I'm also taking a class this summer, but I am assured that the baby will mostly sleep during the first 3 months so yippee.

Work is killing me. 2 months ago they let a girl in my department go. I got all of her work. Most of it is incomplete and untraceable. We've had to scramble to get things organized and figure out what stage of a project we are on. Plus I have the other team I need to take care of. Nightmare. I'm hoping to get this all done before I go on leave.

Baby classes. Only had 1 so far but that's 3 hours out of a week I'm missing.

House has no room. We need to rearrange furniture, buy more furniture, get my Uncle Steve to put in 1/4 round and a ceiling fan in our new bedroom so we can move that around and put the baby in the lavendar room.

Soap. Chris and I have been watching old TV shows and are in the middle of Soap. We also went through all of Sledge Hammer. This is how we relax. I think next month is the Monkees or the Muppet Show or F-Troop. thank you netflix.

I don't sleep. I fall asleep at about 9, then wake up at 1. Sometimes I can't go back to sleep because a certain person has a cold and is snoring worse than usual. I used to be able to sleep through all of this, but now my body is too instinctual. I always wake up a few seconds before he comes in the door. He did a sleep apnea test just in case (he spent about 4 weeks sleeping on the couch on weekdays), but it is luckily so minor that he doesn't have to get a silly mask. No I use ear plugs, which work most of the time (thank God!).

I really want some chocolate right now.

So, she's a girl for those who don't know. 3 ultrasounds have said that, and I got a bunch of pink stuff for my shower yesterday so she had better be a girl. Chris is so excited. He wanted a "daddy's little girl", so he doesn't have to worry about using tool sets or playing football. He talks to my tummy all the time. BTW I have the WORST stretch marks. I drew on them the other day and made a landscape.

Chris is excited about decorating the room all girly but realizes that we can't do much on our budget. He is just happy that she is healthy.

I'm going to write some more this week, promise. I had a shower thrown by my fantabulous sister-in-law, a heartbeat scare when she wasn't kicking as much as usual, and the frightening idea that she might have macrosomia, which means "big baby". Ack!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nudge, nudge

This past weekend was spent celebrating my old man's birthday. My parents took Chris and I and Kurt and Lauren and Bob to Red Lobster to celebrate the January birthdays (Chris, Kurt, and Lauren). Then we made them play Scattergories (my dad hates the timer on that game and Chris makes crap up) and ate ice cream cake.

The next morning Chris and I were up at 5 am for some reason. I started playing my Nintendo in bed. And then I felt a weird sort of nudging around my belly button. Holy crap I can feel the baby! I woke Chris up and he got very excited. I was happy to finally feel him/her.

But now he won't stop! I do believe that he's practicing or headbanger's ball in there. Cool feeling. A little flippy floppy. Utterly bizzare. And I challenge anyone who has felt this moving to not realize that there's a little person in there, even at 5 months. Yippee!

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a.....

I haven't written in awhile because I find myself whining too much.

I was a little worried that I haven't yet felt the baby kick. Chris' friend at work can, and she's due a month later than me. Of course, she's had 2 other kids so she knows what to look for. I thought maybe it was because I'm rather a larger individual, but it turns out that my placenta is in the way for me to feel anything. Stupid placenta.

Do I want a boy or a girl? As i have said before, either but not both (that doesn't mean twins; if you can't figure it out I'm NOT explaining it).

Today we went to get the major ultrasound. 20 weeks baby. I'm halfway there. My attendance prize for going to the doctor is a cooler and ice packs for my breastfeeding kit later. Yes, I'm breastfeeding. It's good for my health and good for baby. I promised my coworkers already that I'd be like Hannah from the Office season 3 ("put away your udder!").

I got few baby things for Christmas. My mom said she didn't want to just buy a bunch of baby stuff for my Christmas - that's saved for next year. I got a few unisex outfits and my mom made me a boy outfit and a girl outfit. She wants to have a granddaughter because girl clothes are more fun to make. But the little boy outfit was adorable too. Let's just have babies so we can get baby clothes.

So what are we having? I have no idea. The bugger is apparently head first and ready to go (not yet! 4.5 more months!), but crossing her legs. i say her, because I'm hoping that keeping her legs crossed means that she'll be a very modest girl (unlike her mother).

Chris was disturbed to discover that the amniotic fluid is mostly made up of urine. I won't tell him that the baby inhales and exhales the fluid. It's good to know that we all started life floating in our own piss.

The ultrasounds didn't show us much. Chris nodded when the sonographer (he keeps saying 'stenography') said "here's the Femur" and "look at the abdomen", but didn't have a clue what we were looking at. I saw some things, white lines, you know. The important part is that baby is healthy and growing at a normal rate. She's also got a really large tummy, and Chris and I both love fat little babies, although I really don't want to give birth to a fat baby. She can just grow into herself AFTER she's born.

We are trying again in a few weeks, but honestly if I don't find out I'm not too worried about it. We'll find out soon enough!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

what the hell happened to the last month?

Oh yea, I tried to finish my class. Splendid.

I've been limping around the past 3 weeks. Doc said that the baby was stretching some of my ligaments. I'm going to really have to try not to give this kid a guilt trip for what he puts me through. Crikey, I know that some people have had it much much worse, but give me a break. I'm only telling you the PG stuff anyway.

The baby is still Alfonz, but now Chris calls my expanding stomach "Leon". It gets confusing.

I believe I have developed RLS (restless leg syndrome, an apparenlty new "syndrome" that both Chris and I made fun of when doctors put a medical term to something we called "Charlie Baer leg").

Also, vertigo is much fun. I successfully went from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor on that open escalator at the Macy's in the Galleria by leaning forward and closing my eyes. But I had to take the elevator to go back down. I also couldn't lean on the railings in the mall that overlooked the first floor. I used to not mind heights, now they scare me silly.

Alfonz is the size of a kit-kat bar. I can actually eat food now (still no tomato sauce). I still can't tell if I'm showing or it's still the same ol' round stomach I've always had.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Am I showing or is it belly fat?

I have never had a flat stomach and am resigned that I never will. I have a wonderful husband who holds one sided conversations with my stomach right now anyway, so if that doesn't gross him out I'm okay with it.

Chris says I'm showing. I can't tell if I am or it's just the same rounded stomach I've always had.

I burp a hell of a lot more now. I think I would make my little brother proud.

Today is officially 2nd Trimester, and apparently "peach" according to a website. It still seems too damn small to be making me feel this bad. And Alfonz is not happy with me today for some reason. Maybe he's celebrating his own little accomplishments, for making it to the next stage of fetalhood. Whatever he's doing, it's making me... really..... tired..........

Monday, November 17, 2008

Old ladies in church

Chris and I were prodded out of our pew in church yesterday. We went to a different church than usual, and sat in one of the short pews in the back (you can get into in on both sides). We were sitting on the left side, when a lady just started coming in our pew from the left side, so we scooted down to the other side, wondering what the hell that was about. I think we stole her usual seat. She could have just gone around. Then she flashed the "peace" symbol during the sign of peace. Some people.

I am weak weak weak. I'm afraid to go to the gym and try walking on the treadmill; I couldn't even stand up in church for more than 10 minutes. I looked at all the little old ladies calmly kneeling and standing at all the right parts and felt like a complete and utter wuss.

I'm reading those silly Twilight books, and I'm going to the silly movie.